I wrote a piece last week about thinking in bets. In the piece, I outlined my general strategy for starting businesses. I argued that the advice of committing absolutely every ounce of your energy to a single project was a very high-risk strategy and that you might be better off spreading your bets over multiple projects instead.

Spreading your bets is all well and good. But sometimes you need to go all in.

Sometimes you need to stop pussyfooting around. You need to shake up your non-committal self. …

Big bets are overrated, think small.

There’s some times in life when you need to take the plunge. Committing to a life partner. Raising a child. Doing your first skydive. These are all occasions where you are either in, or you are out.

These occasions though are rare. But most of us think in this binary way about projects, passions, or hobbies. We think we have to carve out a vast amount of time to put our all into something, or it’s not worth doing. I call this ‘big bet thinking’

There is nowhere more proliferated with examples of ‘big bet thinking’ than entrepreneurship. The rhetoric…

Tools and tips from a year of a different way of working…

It’s been a year since transformation and trust were thrust front and centre. Initially, the idea of working from home seemed like an easy setup. Getting up every morning without having to think of my daily commute, wearing more ‘comfortable’ attire, and working quietly in the comfort of my own flat without distraction sounded pretty straightforward to me.

However, I quickly realised that remote working wasn’t going to be as easy as I anticipated. …

How to identify how much you’d need to make to reach ‘peak money’

Money, as a vehicle to solve problems, relieve stress, and improve quality of life, on the whole, gets a bad press.

Recently, numerous studies are showing that earning anything above a fairly good wage (I think it was around £70k) will not improve your life satisfaction.

What isn’t obvious to me is whether it’s a fact that money can’t improve your life satisfaction over a certain point, or whether people just don’t spend it on the right things.

Musing on this question may seem like a theoretical exercise, but it’s actually incredibly practical. We spend so much of our lives…

Outsourcing is not just for the rich, but it’s necessary to make you rich…

You probably wouldn’t cut your own hair. You probably wouldn’t fix your own car. But you probably do clean your own room and do your own soul-destroying admin work.

We live in a world where cheap labour is at our fingertips, but most of us are criminally under-using it. If you live in a first-world country and aren’t utilising the skills of people who live in developing countries, you are missing out.

Most people think you have to be rich to have a team of people working for you. This is a complete myth. I have a team of 4…

3 Practical Steps You Can Start Taking Today.

If you’re reading this article, I’m guessing you’ve got a dream of bringing a side hustle idea of yours to life.

And who can blame you? At their best side hustles can be a great creative outlet, an incredible way to learn new skills, and also bring in a bit of extra cash. Which is never something to complain about.

The problem is, at their worst, side hustles can become a source of stress and guilt in our lives.

We finish our working day and the idea of opening up your laptop for a few more hours of work really…

‘Leverage’ is the buzzword of 2021. Here’s a few ways to improve yours.

If you’ve spent any amount of time scrolling through the tweets, articles, or YouTube videos of the ‘life advice’ community in the last few months, you’ve probably been bombarded with the word ‘leverage’.

Warren Buffets investment success, scaling a multi-billion dollar company, building an engaged audience, improving your life satisfaction, these are all merely problems of leverage. If we can get more leverage we can exponentially increase our returns in any walk of life, from our relationships to our career, or so we are told.

I’m skeptical of any ‘silver bullet’ approaches to an improved life, but over the last…

Getting off the never-ending hamster wheel of being ‘productive’

I don’t know about you, but recently I’ve felt my life has just turned into one big, never-ending to-do list.

Perhaps it’s because we don’t have the social obligations that would usually break up our weeks, perhaps it’s because, as we’re working from home more, there’s never really a distinction between ‘off’ and ‘on’. Whatever the reason is — I don’t like it. Life is surely about more than just checking off boxes.

I call this hamster wheel of checking off tasks, and never truly switching off as ‘productivity guilt’. Common symptoms of this condition include evaluating your worth purely…

The news is the definition of a high noise, low signal media source. Here’s what you can do instead.


Here’s a potentially unpopular opinion. Reading the news is one of the worst ways to spend your time.

Broadly, we spend our time on two types of activities, being productive, or being entertained. The news has limited application for either.

Regarding productivity, the news gives shallow insights with articles or opinions that, are either irrelevant or will be in a short amount of time. The news is high noise and low signal, a mental model we’ll explore in this article.

As far as entertainment goes, the news is designed to pull us with headlines or imagery that invoke reactive emotional…

A simple trick, with massive implications

You wake up and make your coffee. You sit down and write out your to-do list for the day. You make sure you include stuff that needs to get done and stuff that you enjoy doing. You work solidly through the day and in the end, you are satisfied with the work, but as you look back on what you’ve achieved you have to ask yourself ‘did I enjoy that?’

The key to living a satisfying life

Everyone is focused on how to get stuff done, there’s countless blog posts and videos (including my own) on how to work smarter, more efficiently, and more productively, but what…

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